Pool Houses


A mini getaway in your own backyard! Sometimes called a cabana, pool houses can be used as an accessory or a fully-functioning room! Pool houses come in all shapes and sizes that can range from storage size to gazebo shape to a private facility. It can have a guest bedroom with a porch, or be used as a small decorative feature where you can secretly store all your pool-fun tools! Most of the time, comfy chairs to watch the kids or pool chairs for a tan are put right next to a pool home. This great feature can add a sense of luxury or summer vacation to any backyard!

Pool House Ideas

  • When planning your pool house, give us a list of all your dream features. This is supposed to be everything you want to relax and have a vacation in your own home.
  • Think of pool houses as a place that can be contaminated with wet feet or keep guests away from your own home. Maybe you can add a bathroom, shower or a changing room to keep your home safe from the invasion of water and dirt.
  • If you don't plan on putting any rooms in your pool house, consider using it to maximize sunlight. Latticework or long glass windows may help. Just tell us your request for the mood of your backyard!