Patio Covers


Patio covers are ideal for nearly everyone. If you like entertaining guests outside, you can use your cover for a buffet, dance floor, dining area or crafts. When you want to be by yourself during the nice weather in the spring, you can lounge under the cover and read or listen to music. Avid gardener? You can extend your pool of plants to shade, clmbing, potted, and hanging plants. If you have a pool, you can watch the kids in the shade and enjoy yourself instead of the sun. Whatever your personality is, your patio cover can reflect who you are and what you do. Time to get creative!

Patio Cover Ideas

  • Try growing some beatiful vines on the columns of your patio cover.
  • Put a TV and fan in your patio cover to maximize outdoor time.
  • Want to enjoy your patio in every type of weather? Add a retractable roof!
  • Make your patio extra cool by adding a hot tub, fountain, waterfall and even a fireplace!