Outdoor Fireplaces


As you get home from a tiring day at work, it would be so nice to sit outside, relax, and enjoy your warm, cozy fireplace! From elegant stone to antique brick designs, we can create scenes on your land that look just like those beautiful outdoor scenes in the movies. Not only that, but we can accessorize your boring backyard for something more exquisite and unique to add flare to your party with a firepit. And don't worry about gas smells or noisy crackles- there are all sorts of "fuel" we can use. We can install hidden gas tanks, middle-ages wood burning pits, gel-fuel pits, or whatever caters to your personal needs. Just call and ask us!

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

  • Outdoor Fireplaces- These are your traditional fireplaces. They can be attached to your home or isolated in the backyard. A
  • Stone Fireplaces- These look luxurious, tasteful and contemporary in any home.
  • Brick Fireplaces- These have stood the test of time for years and add a classic style to your property.
  • Masonry fireplaces can be made from various materials such as marble, limestone, or granite. These fireplaces make you feel like you're going back in time to grand palace!
  • Firepits- These can be built into your patio or come in their own individual design. They can be fueled by gas or wood with an open or enclosed top. Though these aren't typically centerpieces, they are powerful details that can add elegance or energy to any event.