Shade Arbors


A shade arbor will go great with any backyard. You can put it anywhere you want and enjoy a patch of shade. People normally put a little dining area so they can enjoy time with their family or friends outdoors. An excited gardener who wants to expand their plant collection? You can house their half-sun half-shade plants in it. Then you can add climbing vines, such as the trumpet vine and honeysuckle vine, that wraps around the posts. Hanging plants do well on the roof as well, making the arbor a plant haven. If you're a mix between a friend/family person and a gardener, you can add a dining area with plants in it. It's your choice.

Shade Arbor Ideas

  • Add a rocking chair or a swinging bench for a classic country touch.
  • Have a theme in your backyard that can match the shade arbor, such as Victorian, wedding or country.
  • Put a hammock in it so you can sleep outside to enjoy nature!
  • Situate candle holders and flowers on the table for a romantic night outside.